Big changes afoot for Sasquatch

(a) current distribution of Sasquatch (b) Sasquatch distribution post-climate change

For those of you dallying around about how seriously to take the threat of climate change, here’s something for you.  If we don’t cease our emissions of greenhouse gases pronto, Bigfoot will invade Arizona and UtahI’m serious.

9 thoughts on “Big changes afoot for Sasquatch”

  1. But, but, but . . . I have it on good authority that the Sasquatch are *already* clear over in Texas! And in Northern Michigan, too!

    At least, according to one of our local crazy people, they are. She says that the bigfoot are communicating with her by leaving “stick signs” in the woods. And by making complicated braids in her horses’ manes.

  2. Tim, yes, and there are also the ohio grassman, and the florida skunk ape. in my opinion these may be different subspecies with unique niche requirements that may not be represented by our data points here. Thus our model only applies to the traditional western NA Sasquatch.

    Dr Spencer is a quack.

  3. aw the goal was for last april, but it got delayed by some pesky reviewers…forgot to take that line out of the acknowledgements

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