Attine genomes: for real this time

A few months ago we learned via an unintentionally leaked press release that a team of researchers lead by Nicole Gerardo and Cameron Currie had won a Roche Applied Sciences grant competition.  The team will be sequencing the complete genome of 14 players from the ant/fungus/microbe co-evolutionary system, including three attine ants from different genera.

The announcement is now official.

An Acromyrmex queen, with brood, in the fungus garden
An Acromyrmex queen, with brood, in the fungus garden

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  1. hey i am doing a report on the leaf-cutter ants for my middle school project. It was not my choice to this insect but the teacher picked it out for me. I am very happy that my teacher picked this insect out for me because i learned that there colonies are just like us. the majors i thought were like our army. Thanks so much Mrs. Wieski. i am haven a lot of fun in your environmental science class.

    Daria Ruediger
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