Native ants on introduced nectaries

I took my shiny new Canon 50D out for a spin this weekend, and along the railroad tracks I found a worthy myrmecological subject: Crematogaster feeding at the swollen nectaries of an Ailanthus Tree of Heaven.  Ailanthus is an introduced Asian tree that’s gone weedy across much of North America.  Our local ants don’t seem to mind, though, it’s extra snack food for them.





4 thoughts on “Native ants on introduced nectaries”

  1. OK Alex you got a new camera the old lenses you uses do they still work with the new body ???. What happen to the old body you traded in.

  2. JJ- Yep- the new camera is a newer version of the old one, so all the lenses and flash units etc. are compatible. The only real differences of note are that the LCD screen on the back is bigger, and the sensor is higher resolution. Otherwise it’s a very similar beast and it handles much the same.

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