The internet has things in it

My profound apologies for the lack of blogitude here while I’m over at Photo Synthesis.  Fortunately, the internet has other things in it:

***update*** There’s also this bit in the New York Times.  Who is that dashing young photographer?

4 thoughts on “The internet has things in it”

  1. Hi, Alex– I was just dropping in to say congrats on the NYT photos (which I see you’re already linked to)– they’re great, as usual. I love the A. alfaroi fending off a trapjaw (?). (does that actually work?)

    The slideshow seems more like a “greatest hits of ant photos” than an illustration of the actual related article, not that I’m complainin’. See if you can sneak some beetles in there next time you’re on assignment! 😀

  2. Mike from Ottawa

    Alex: stunning photos. As usual. Those two don’t usually go together, but I’ll make an exception for yours.

    And what is so odd about the Malagasy mystery ants? Is it something other that the obvious things like the very interesting texture of their exoskeleton and what look like teeth on the insides of the mandibles? Those are odd enough, but I’m learning (here) there’s no plumbing the depths of ant oddities.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Ainsley- I actually sent them 2 slide shows, one with just Anna’s lab animals, but they chose the ant sampler instead. Go figure.

    Mike- Mystrium is odd for many reasons. Some species have queens that are small and red, and look little at all like the big lumbering ones like the one I put in the slide show. They also use their mandibles as a sort of blunt club, pushing the tips together until one suddenly slips past the other.

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