If you are wondering why Myrmecos Blog has become so boring…

…it’s because I’m blogging over at Photo Synthesis this month.

5 thoughts on “If you are wondering why Myrmecos Blog has become so boring…”

  1. James C. Trager

    You are “internationally celebrated, devilishly attractive, charming at parties, proficient at PCR, skilled in fighting street crime, and good with cats” — Who knew?!?!?!

    You’re going to be a hard act to follow over there, but we’ll be glad to get you back.

  2. Mike from Ottawa

    While I’m glad to have seen your photos exposed to the wider audience at Scienceblogs, Alex, I’ll be glad to see you turn over Photo Synthesis to someone else in May for an entirely selfish reason. The job won’t let me read Scienceblogs but will let me read WordPress blogs, so when bureaucratizing threatens to bore me into a coma, I can pop over to Myrmecos and see bug pictures that wake me right up with their alien beauty.

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