Friday Beetle Blogging: Wrinkled Bark Beetle

Omoglymmius, wrinkled bark beetle. California.
Omoglymmius, wrinkled bark beetle (Rhysodini). California.

Rhysodine beetles make their living feeding on slime molds under the bark of decaying trees .  They are instantly recognizable from the grooves on their backs and from their distinctly moniliform (bead-like) antennae.  The taxonomic placement of these insects is controversial, but genetic evidence suggests they are a highly specialized lineage of Carabidae, the ground beetles.

photo details: Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens on a Canon EOS D60
ISO 100, 1/200 sec, f/13, flash diffused through tracing paper

5 thoughts on “Friday Beetle Blogging: Wrinkled Bark Beetle”

  1. I have these crawling around one of my cupboards and in a dresser drawer.

    Any way to rid them? I have no idea how they came to me, since I live on the 10th floor of my building.

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  3. Hi Alex,
    We have been seeing quite a number of smooth black beetles that look a lot like this one around out redwood trees transplanted to Santa Barbara CA.
    How do we go about sending you a photo to see if you can identify it?

  4. Hi Alex
    If you find any more Rhysodini, I would love to exchange for them. Perhaps New Zealand myremecophilous Pselaphinae would appeal to you?


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