Insect Fear Film Festival 2009 – Centipede cinema

The insect film festival has been declared a success – and it wasn’t even insect themed this year!  Many people came out to spend the night handling insects, to have their face painted or to watch the films “Centipede!” and “Centipede Horror”.

Here are some photos to entice some of you to join us next year:

Michelle holds a lubber, Romalea microptera.

Michelle holds an eastern lubber nymph (Romalea), one of the stars of the insect petting zoo.

Fred is manning the insect petting zoo

Fred enthralls children and adults alike with insects at the petting zoo.   In the foreground is a jar of meal worms, and on his finger – a cockroach.

pete1Pete too charms the festival’s visitors with cockroachs.


As does Stephanie.  Also on display were centipedes, millipedes, fly larvae, meal worms, tobacco horn worns in all stages on development, a beautiful (but grumpy) rosy haired tarantula, a water scorpion, and colonies of bumble bees and trap-jaw ants.


I’m not exactly sure what Andy was painting on this girl’s face.


Arthropod themed fine art provided by local school children for the art contest.


A collection of beautiful pinned specimens from around the world was also put on display.

david1David Lagos wears some facial fine art.

5 thoughts on “Insect Fear Film Festival 2009 – Centipede cinema”

    1. May Berenbaum

      Yes, I still run the festival, with the able assistance of the Entomology Graduate Student Association–I was in the auditorium checking on the films while these photos were being taken. Come next February for our 27th festival!

  1. James C. Trager

    Me too, Bug Girl. I’ve been saying this for years, and I’m only about a 3-hour drive away.

    In the last picture, David Lagos appears to sport a nice painting of a spitting spider, Scytodes. Very nice!

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