Apologies for the light posting…

We’re a little bit hectic behind the scenes here at Myrmecos Blog.  I seem to have recovered from the flu, finally, and that means a week of work catch up on.  That, and I’m leaving for Argentina in a few days.  It’s a conspiracy of deadlines, so you’ll have to bear with us while we work through it.

2 thoughts on “Apologies for the light posting…”

  1. James C. Trager

    Argentina, eh? Looking forward to new pics and posts on southern Neotropical critters…and maybe others?

    This reminds me of questions I’ve wanted answered but have never properly investigated: Has anyone ever studied the ants of the mountains and south temperate regions of Argentina? How high and far south do they go, and with what levels of diversity? Any in Tierra del Fuego? Any interesting parallels to ant in Northern Hemisphere temperate areas?

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