Happenings in the blogosphere

Cyborg beetles.  Seriously.  (h/t Cicindela)

The Other 95% hosts the Circus of the Spineless #35.

Coleopterist, photographer, and author Art Evans launches a new blog called What’s Bugging You?

Archetype illustrates the counterintuitive segmentation of ant body parts.

Beetles in the Bush blogs about dung beetles that have kicked the fecal habit.

Some days I wish I could read Hebrew, because this might be the most awesome blog ever, judging from all the ant pix.

4 thoughts on “Happenings in the blogosphere”

  1. Hi Alex

    Appreciate u r visiting in my blog. The mentioned post is about “ant wars”. The post trying to view this phenomenon and trying explain what is “ants wars” from ants “view point”. More as a group and less as species. The biology diversity is to big and complex to try review all type of aggression in ant world.
    I’m not ant exports and I hope I did not make a big mass.
    There is not much available information at this issue in the web and books i could find.

    U can find more posts in my blog about ants in the following links

    About Messor arenarius

    About Anochetus bytinskii

    About Tarucus balkanicus and Lepisiota sp

    Ants mentioned and have photos in other posts and u can find all posts in the link

    There more photos at my insects albums.
    Here the ants section
    U can enlarge the photos by click on the magnifying glass symbol.

    If some of the links r not working, please note me

    Tks u for the amazing Myrmecos Blog.

    Amir Weinstein

  2. James C. Trager


    Beautiful work! There are some misidentifications, but we ant people can help with those.

    My favorite Israeli ant, based on your pictures, Cataglyphis livida!

    Mazal Tov!

  3. Tks James

    Miss IDs is unfortunately expected. Not only bcuz ID form photos is limited but I have no any serious ants key for the Israeli fauna and the local experts r not show enthusiasm to help (There heads r deep in the academic world).
    So I do my best. As u can see, many photos r without any ID.

    ID for itself is not so important but its significant when u want to put the photos and the documentation in the right context.
    So I’m sure I miss interesting stories behind the photos bcuz I do not know the ID.

    This is pity since I can’t use the photos in my blog or others as story makers and this is all what my blog about. To show insects life from the field and contribute to habitat conservation and nature reserve.

    Any help with IDs will be appreciate.


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