Specimen Request I: Solenopsidini

Rachelle Adams writes:

I have begun a one year postdoc molecular project focusing on the species in the Solenopsidini tribe with Ted Schultz and Seán Brady at the Smithsonian, Washington DC. Due to the vastness of this tribe and its taxonomic challenges, I want to thoroughly sample each genus currently classified in the tribe as well as those that were historically classified as solenopsidines.  ANY samples that belong in the genera listed below are needed.  I have also included a species “wish list” that will complement a morphological study done by Juanita Rodriguez and my dissertation work.

This postdoc project is dependent on donations from myrmecologist across the world like you!  Please help us clarify this interesting ant tribe by donating samples to the following address:

Rachelle Adams
Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Entomology
Smithsonian Institution
POB 37012
NHB, CE516, MRC 188
Washington, DC 20013-7012

Many thanks!!!
rmmadams -at- gmail.com

Rachelle’s complete wish list is posted here.

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