Wednesday links

Not much time to blog today. Instead, some links:

3 thoughts on “Wednesday links”

  1. Alex

    That view of Australia is a little bit over the top.

    The Wombat does not eat worm or grubs more like roots and grass. Wombat are also know as “Bulldozer of the bush” ones the set them up they will go through fences under grow etc their borrows are petty big too. Yes they can make mess of car just like Kangaroos.

    Snakes have not seem any this year only road kills, may be they are effected by the drought like everything else.

    Sheep they are on the way out no money in them now.

    Ants well there several types that the sting will have you sing & dancing all day.

  2. Thanks for the link! I honestly don’t know how they chose those images; mine’s pretty plain.
    Also, I loved the Australia bit. I can never tell whether Australians are putting me on (“sure, we eat kangaroo all the time;” “you gotta watch out for eyeball leeches” etc), but now that my house has started to fill with hunstman spiders I have decided to take them mostly at their word.

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