Alex Collects Ants

Today we have a guest post by myself, from 25 years ago:


It was my very first ant publication, printed on the back page of a biweekly family newsletter.  The ants I later determined to be Lasius flavus, and I am happy to report that the species still abounds at my old haunts in upstate NY despite all my collecting and squishing of queens.

That's me on the right, collecting ants with co-conspirator Steve

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  1. Thanks Dawn. I think it’s fair to say that I got myself interested, but was strongly encouraged by my parents. And it helped to have friends like Steve who were also into natural history.

  2. What a great picture… thanks, Alex! Those weekends spent at the Stone House are some of my favorite childhood memories.

  3. For the record, neither of Alex’s two siblings became ant mavens even though all three were exposed to the same tract of recreational property (the Stone House — which we still enjoy). I also will add that Alex had an early interest in writing and in pictures which evolved from the entry above into the writing and photographs of his blog. Although Alex got himself interested in ants, writing and photography, his mother deserves a ton of credit for aiding and abetting. His father.

  4. I’m eagerly awaiting the next blog. “Alex and Betsy play Deer”. I’m glad the stone house weekly report is finally getting some of the glory it deserves…Anyway, my earliest memories involve feeding ants sugar water on the patio. Alex found his inner ant very early in life indeed….

    -The non-ant guru sister

  5. If we are being truthful about ant collecting and childhood memories, it should be noted that there was also an indoor component to the collection, the ant farm, which was a fixture in Alex’s childhood room.

    Although I would be supportive of seeing some of the old “Alex and Betsy play deer” stories, I’m ok if the “Robbie builds a mountain bike trail” stays in the private Stone House library.

    – The non-ant guru brother

  6. Kevin- Gosh. I’d have been 11 or thereabouts.

    Steve- We’ll need to do a Stone House reunion next time I’m back in the summer. If your kids want to play Deer in the Woods you should probably discourage them from writing about it.

    Betsy- If the Deer story goes public I think we’re both finished.

  7. I remember that old photograph, but I can’t find it on my own forum. 🙁 I think someone said something about using bowl for haircut. 😉

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