Saturday Ant Links

Roberto Keller uses his new blog to explain the acidopore.

Sylvia Cremer et al dissect the evolution of Lasius neglectus supercolonies in PLoS ONE.

Popular reviews of Hoelldobler and Wilson’s “The Superorganism” can be found in Slate Magazine and the New York Times.  Jon Seal provides a scientist’s take in Myrmecological News.

China has executed the man behind an ant-breeding swindle that bankrupted thousands of investors.

Antweb has new images of a Tatuidris worker and male.

1 thought on “Saturday Ant Links”

  1. James C. Trager

    The NYT review has a typo (I think) in this sentence: “Hölldobler and Wilson’s central conceit is that a colony is a single animal raised to a higher level.” I suppose the writer meant concept, but…?

    Keller’s acidore blog — elegant and informative!

    Lasius neglectus — I met this one on a trip to Europe a few years ago; quite reminiscent of a cold-tolerant Argentine ant, and by the way, apparently can hold up against the latter quite well when they come together. I hope the “invasive garden ant” doesn’t come to North America, but it probably will slip in, in somebody’s favorite potted geranium smuggled in from Spain or wherever.

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