Myrmecos Blog at one year

As a matter of coincidence, my first blogiversary falls on Thanksgiving day.  Happy Thanks-Blog-Giving, then. Or something.

I started out aiming my writing at a non-technical audience.  So I featured insect photographs, simplified coverage of entomological news, and notes about photographic technique.  But I’ve come to realize from various feedback that many of my regular readers are professional scientists.  This poses a bit of a problem of where to pitch my content. Both my mother and Phil Ward read this blog.  What might interest both of them?

This imbalance in the biological fluency of my readers remains my biggest challenge. How do I cover science in a way that is not too jargony yet doesn’t bore the myrmecologists?  I’m no Carl Zimmer, unfortunately, so finding those magic turns of phrase that resonate across audiences isn’t easy.  Should I alternate posts?  Or do I try to straddle that middle ground?

In any case, it’s been quite a year.  My readership has grown steadily, averaging now about 350 visitors per day.  My thanks to all of you!


14 thoughts on “Myrmecos Blog at one year”

  1. Yeah, what you’re mom said, except in this case, collegial “love”.

    Here’s to another year. This blog is something I am definitely thankful for.

  2. The most useful service any professional can provide is to communicate in a way that can be understood by both professionals and non-professionals. This is at least as helpful to professionals as non-professionals as the former may otherwise get so caught up in their own impenetrable jargon as to limit their potential audience to as few as one — themselves. Happy Thantsgiving.

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