A Directory of Friday Beetles

I’ve posted enough Friday Beetles that I can no longer remember which species I’ve already done. Some species were almost posted twice out of sheer forgetfulness.  Must be the academic scatter-brain.

So to keep them all straight I’ve made a list.  This is mostly for my own good.  In any case, here is the Friday Beetle Directory:

Adranes – Ant-Nest Beetle

Onthophagus gazella – Gazelle Scarab

Dineutes sublineatus – Whirligig Beetle

Lutrochus – Travertine Beetle

Scaphinotus petersi – Snail-eating Beetle

Laccophilus pictus – Predaceous Diving Beetle

Apteroloma caraboides – Snowfield Beetle

Hololepta – Clown Beetle

Chauliognathus lecontei – Soldier Beetle

Epicauta pardalis – Spotted Blister Beetle

Moneilema – Cactus Longhorn Beetle

Temnoscheila – Bark-Gnawing Beetle

Araeoschizus – Ant-Beetle

Eussatus – Dune Beetle

Distremocephalus – Male Glow-Worm

Amphizoa insolens – Trout-Stream Beetle

Carpophilus – Sap Beetle

Olla v-nigrum – Ashy Grey Lady Beetle

Cymatodera – Checkered Beetle

Derobrachus hovorei – Palo Verde Beetle

Chrysina gloriosa – Glorious Beetle

Apatides fortis – Bostrichid Beetle

Cotinus mutabilis – Fig Beetle

Strategus aloeus – Ox Beetles

Cicindela lemniscata – White-Lined Tiger Beetle

Pelidnota punctata – Grapevine Beetle

Ochthebius – Minute Moss Beetles

Microphotus angustus – Pink Glow-Worm

Prionocyphon – Marsh Beetle

Popillia japonica – Japanese Beetle

Megacyllene robiniae – Locust Borer

Languria – Lizard Beetle

Cycloneda munda – Polished Lady Beetle

Chrysochus auratus – Dogbane Leaf Beetle

Chrysina beyeri – Beyer’s Jewel Scarab

Nosodenron californicum – Wounded Tree Beetle

Priacma serrata – Bleach Beetle

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