Brian Taylor’s “Ants of Africa”

Pyramica ludovici
Pyramica ludovici - KZN, South Africa

I am still working through the South African ant photos I took this July.  Progress is slow.  I’m not terribly familiar with the African fauna, and the species have to be keyed out and checked against the literature so I can post images with the proper identification. All the same, I’m not 100%.

What I’ve learned in the process is that Brian Taylor’s Ants of Africa site is indispensable.  The interface is a bit web-1.0-clunky, but the content is exactly what I need.  This morning I keyed the above Pyramica to the pan-African species P. ludovici in under 5 minutes.  And it checked well against the virtual collection at Antweb.  Awesome.

In any case, I’ve posted the latest update of African myrmicine ants here.

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  1. Indeed, Alex — The few African ants that have come under the glare of my microscope have been easily identified using Taylor’s site. All I have gotten though is common, thus readily identified species. Still waiting to get some deep forest Camponotus, Paratrechina or other more difficult material.

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