Blogging Break

My main blogging computer has gone down again.  So, light posting the next few days.

I’m trying to decide whether to fix my 3-year old PC desktop, or just suck it up and drop the money for a new Mac.  Windows Vista- which I’ve been using in the lab- is terrible and I can’t see myself going back to Microsoft.

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  1. If you don’t have any critical apps that run only on Windows – and if you’re thinking seriously about a Mac you probably don’t – you might explore moving to Linux. With the latest version of OpenOffice I don’t need Microsoft any more, but I haven’t quite worked up the nerve to make the jump. Maybe soon…

  2. I went Mac and haven’t looked back. I do have Parallels on my desktop mac to run the one or two apps I need that I don’t have access to on Mac in a virtual PC on th Mac – primarily SPSS and Primer. You could go Linux as well, but it might also depend on the type of suport your institution provides. We provided official support for Windows mainly, Mac as well and Linux if we had time (rarely) or already knew what was going on.

  3. Get the Mac. You won’t regret it for a minute. I have the Alu iMac at home and just picked up one of the new Alu MacBooks. I use Windows and work and have tracked Linux for years. On the desktop/laptop, OS X is the best there is, by a wide margin. The only caveat is if you need hardware that only works with Windows, otherwise VMWare Fusion lets you dip into Windows whenever you need to.

  4. If you do go with a new machine over a repair, a Mac is a no-brainer, even if you do have old Windows software you might need to use.

    People often mention running Windows in a virtual machine (i.e. simultaneously within the Mac OS – which has limitations), but rarely comment on the fact that Macs now have the built-in ability to run Windows natively ( Benchmark tests have shown time after time that ‘Macs’ are the fastest Windows PC on the market when running Windows natively.

    If you buy a Mac computer, you get amazing design (which is a big deal for me), top-of-the-line hardware, and a great (I would say the best) OS preinstalled, but you can install any OS you want. It is the best of both worlds.

  5. Why not fix your old computer and try Linux on it you will able fiddle with it to suit your needs. If the hip pocket stand a raid get a Mac they so much better in handling graphic than Windows

  6. Hmmm, I kind of like Vista, other that the constant updates… I’ve thought about switching, but i hate having to get all new softwares. plus I have so many little apps and macros for excel that I use all the time and would hate not to have anymore.

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