5 thoughts on “The Irredeemable Ant-Man?”

  1. Here’s a question for myrmecologists that also like comic book. How much do you think the lameness on Ant-Man is due to the biogeography of the ant genera? Put another way, do you think Ant-Man would be this rubbish if Stan Lee had growth up with something like Paraponera walking around central park?

  2. I dunno. Ant-Man might just suffer from haplodiploid social insect syndrome. I’d not expect the guy to do more than sit around, mooch, and try to mate.

    Ant-Woman, if she ever makes a debut, is where all the action is.

  3. “He SUES his new-found powers to spy on naked women.”

    I wonder how that court case went.

    Ok he probably meant to write ‘uses’ but one wonders what powers an Ant Man has to do that sort of action. Don’t normal Men do this already? How does being an Ant Man help this out? Is he really tiny?

    The reviewed of this comic book gives it a 1 because the Irredeemable Ant-Man is … gasp Irredeemable! God forbid a superhero be anything but perfect. Why can’t we have a superhero who has issues keeping his secrete identity a secrete … just like Every Superhero movie ever made?

    I wonder if his nemesis is Invasive Ant Man.

  4. Ha! I think extending too much biology into the realm of arthropod-themed superheroes can only lead to trouble, though. E.g. Spiderman, who should shoot webbing from his nethers, and whose genitalia should (technically speaking) be on his face. That said, Blue Beetle totally wins the “superhero having nothing whatsoever to do with insects” prize.

    Oh, postscript: there was a short-lived super comic called “The Fly”, running in the 50’s and again in the early 90’s. It was actually not too bad, according to the stringent standards of me at 14. 🙂

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