Image Gallery Updates

Dorylus helvolus, KZN, South Africa

Last night the internet arrived at our new house. I’ve celebrated the occasion by tackling the backlog of photo uploads.

Over at the South Africa photos are starting to go up. The first batch covers Dorylus helvolus, a subterranean predatory ant. Meanwhile, the fine art galleries at have also been beefed up with new material, including some stylized ant portraiture and the first of the Illinois scarabs.

On an unrelated note, Jo-anne has been sending along updates from the famous Ant Course in Venezuela. Word is that they’re doing well in the jungle, dancing salsa and collecting rare oddities like Probolomyrmex and Cylindromyrmex. Jo-anne is promising a guest post on the course when she gets back next week, and this time we’re going to hold her to her word, we swear.

2 thoughts on “Image Gallery Updates”

  1. James C. Trager

    I’m kicking myself for not going to Ant Course, deferring to my need to make prograss on Polyergus, so I will look forward eagerly to Jo-anne’s report.

  2. Yeah, I had wanted to go too. But with the move at least one of us had to stay here, and it made a lot more sense for the homebody to be me. I’ll probably try to do it next summer in AZ though- I presume you’ll be back there again, James? You’re one of the most valued instructors and it’d be shame if you didn’t go.

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