Moving to Illinois

The more avid readers (that’s you, mom!) may have noticed a lack of activity on the blog of late.  Life has intruded.  Next week I will be leaving my job at the University of Arizona and taking a new one in Illinois.  This means tying up loose ends on the beetle project, saying goodbye to friends, and moving a house.   Full-on blogging will resume by mid-August, I presume, once the dust has settled.

There is much I will miss about Tucson, but on the other hand I’ll be joining the Entomology Department at Champaign-Urbana, one of the world’s finest centers of insect research.

14 thoughts on “Moving to Illinois”

  1. Congratulations! UIUC is OK, lots of nice areas to haunt though. Hope you like rivers and bugs of the annoying kind. My family has a tradition at UIUC, I have 2 cousins there now. My friend just left a postdoc there (entomology too) for a tenure track position in Washington. I grew up a little bit north in Moline.

  2. James C. Trager

    Hi Alex:

    I don’t have to tell you how great it will be to have another taxonomically oriented ant buff just a bit over three hours drive from here. I am a bit embarrassed that I haven’t done any serious sorting at the ant collection there, so when you see it, don’t blame me, heh, heh.

    Welcome to the region!

  3. Hey Alex (and Jo) – don’t know how I’m going to survive without my daily fix on myrmecos. Good luck on your move. Will be looking forward to your next installment…. XXXMom

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