Back from South Africa

Sunset over the St. Lucia Estuary

I am happy to report that both parts of my trip- ant photography in the coastal forests of St. Lucia and the ICE conference in Durban- were a success. I’ll try to put up a few posts in the coming week about both.

A brief note about this photo: I used a 2-stop hard graduated filter to darken the upper 2/3 of the image, and because the sky lacked clouds I stood under a tree to add interest. Skies present interesting photographic challenges when the weather is clear, as it was for most of my brief Africa trip.

3 thoughts on “Back from South Africa”

  1. There are times when I regret having switched out of anthropology early in grad school.

    <Far away places with strange sounding names …

  2. Hi Kate- we all missed you at the meeting!

    I did see lots of ants, they seemed to be the one group of insects that were active in mid-winter. Lots of things I’d not photographed before, too, like Atopomyrmex, Dorylus, and Plectroctena.

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