A Mystery Male

After a stroll through a Palo Verde woodland in the Tucson mountains I returned to my car to find this male ant sitting on the roof. I didn’t immediately recognize it, and several hours later, after I figured it out, I wished I’d stuck around to looks for queens. What is it? I’ll provide the answer next week.

Update: the answer!

4 thoughts on “A Mystery Male”

  1. Greetings,
    I have been following for a lot of time this blog and I find it too interesting 🙂
    I want to help in the ID but, in the photo, i don’t see the morphology of the petiole. If you allows me, i can show the photo to a mirmecologist.

  2. Hello Myrmecos1,

    Funny to see that Serginho wants to determine your ant (like you say, you figured it already out!) and wants to show your photo to a myrmicologist. Maybe he comes to you! I didn’t try to determine it because I’m not so good with males but , just for my curiosity, like to know what it is. So, tell it!!!



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