The Grand Canyon

The visit of Australian friends a couple weeks ago provided an excuse to go photograph Arizona’s most famous landmark. Appearances aside, the Grand Canyon is not an easy subject. Most shots appear flat in comparison to real-time views, failing to capture the canyon’s immense depths or the enormity of the open space. This is true of much landscape photography, and I’ve come to respect the people who are good at it.

Our trip had the additional challenge of a perfectly clear day. Blue sky sounds nice in the abstract, but a lack of clouds means a boring sky and hopelessly bottom-heavy photographs. I ended up trying shots that didn’t include much sky, and when I did, I used a polarizing filter to deepen the blues and create some interest.

Below are a few of the better pictures.

2 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon”

  1. Gorgeous, especially the featured one. Thanks for explaining the challenges, too. I get the bottom-heavy bit. I put a GC pic on my blog header, and had to crop most of the sky for that very reason…

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