Here, read these instead

Not much posting this week.  I’ve been busy getting genetic data from a new batch of specimens for the Beetle Tree of Life project, a process that’s always slower than I expect.

Fortunately it turns out that the internet has sites other than mine, and some of those even have interesting things to read and pretty pictures to look at.  Here’s what I recommend:

Christopher Taylor discusses the follicle mites that live in your skin.

Ajay Narendra has added some new Meranoplus photos to his ant gallery.

Aydin Örstan writes that the Nautilus is still evolving.

Mike Kaspari asks about books that inspire scientists.

Antweb has this lovely photo of an Intergalactic Space Alien Ant Queen.

The BBC is reporting an intermediate snake fossil with legs.

Zooillogix blogs the coolest looking fish discovery ever.

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