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New links for the sidebar:

Catalogue of Organisms – Christopher Taylor somehow has time to both complete a Ph.D. in spider systematics AND blog prolifically about all matters invertebrate and taxonomic. I like it because Taylor is a gifted writer and his blog is a fine read. Plus, I have a soft spot for Australians.

Getting Things Done in Academia – Myrmecologist extraordinaire Mike Kaspari bares all about how to thrive as a young scientist. Some of his more serious advice seems to involve beer consumption, so take it with a grain of salt (and some lime).

The Strobist – The brain is the photographer’s most underappreciated piece of equipment. The Strobist shows the way.

Clique: Career advice for the new photographer – Photographer Shaun Krisher is positively bubbling over with advice for aspiring pros. Krisher is more on the wedding/fashion side of things, but I’m always surprised at how much is relevant for nature photographers.

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