Need Money Fast?

Apparently, there are people on the internet willing to pay you to not kill the ants in your yard. The site “Adopt an Ant” explains:

Well my name is Tony and I have recently moved into my new home.

After moving in I have seen there is a large ants nest at the bottom of my garden. In this ants nest there are 1 million ants living there.

All the ants are happy go lucky ants with there own Unique personality,

The problem is the plan was to flag my back garden and this would destroy the nest and all the ants.

To save these Ants from DEATH please adopt an ant TODAY.

the money raised will go to preserving the nest of 1 million ants and making my garden ant friendly, there for saving the ants from certain DEATH.

It’s a brilliant idea. I’ve got a harvester ant nest out back that I could hold hostage for cash, but I suspect I’d make more money by refraining from drowning our neighborhood’s many feral cats. For just $10 an adopted kitty, you too can save a life.

1 thought on “Need Money Fast?”

  1. I live on in an ant community. They let me live here and sometimes even let me have the house all to my self!

    The cats must have moved to your neighborhood since they gave up living in my abandoned shed and the rabbits have taken up residence under it. I will keep the rabbits for now unless you do start making some extra cash with the cat adoption program. Then maybe I will see if I can set up an adoption agency for the rabbits like you are doing with the cats.

    Let me know how this venture works out.


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