Bug Dreams…

In an earlier post about flash diffusion, I wrote about camera flash being a necessity of the trade-off between depth of field and shutter speed. Most insect photographers- myself included- work hard to improve the depth of field in our photographs, trying to bring as much of our diminutive subjects into focus as possible. This means we use a lot of flash.

However, that’s not the only way to take insect photos. If one is happy to throw depth of field to the wind, one can dispense with the need for flash and produce photos from the ambient light. The effect is dramatic. One doesn’t get crisp field-guide type pictures but smooth, watery, impressionistic images. Some fine examples of taking insect photography in that direction can be found at the site Bug Dreams. In particular, check out Rick’s lovely shots of ants.

2 thoughts on “Bug Dreams…”

  1. I’m a fan of fill flash and diffused flash for insect photography as a way of coping with contrast in bright light. Natural diffuse light is best in any case. So many bugs are highly refective and look their best in soft cloudy light or low intensity light.

    I don’t like the black backgrounds that result from using flash as main light to improve DOF.

  2. Hi Tom. You have some lovely insect portraits on your site.

    I agree wholeheartedly about flash and lighting. Would that my hyperactive ants sat still once and awhile for a nice, naturally-lit portrait…

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