Things to come…

Light posting over the last couple days, I’m afraid. Our kitten Mingus came down with a little kitty fever this morning of 106º (That’s 41ºC for the Fahrenheit- impaired) and is spending the night in the pet hospital, enough of a distraction to derail my blogging schedule.

Don’t despair, though, there is freshy bloggy material on the way. I’ve been writing drafts on a number of photography topics in the background. Things to come include:

  • Image post-processing (what happens after a photo is taken)
  • The importance of backdrop
  • Photographing uncooperative insects
  • Cameras and lenses for macro

If there is any topic in particular you would like me to post about, email me or let me know in the comments below.


Update (12/12/07): Mingus is back from the little kitteh hospital- he’s doing much better!

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